Meeting & Congresses

Every year Noema organizes hundreds of events such as congresses, conventions, conferences, workshops, symposia, seminaries, and practical courses, including large, medium and small size events, on a national and international scale. Our events can be live, virtual or hybrid.

Conference organization is aimed at healthcare professionals, Universities, professional associations, trade associations and private enterprise.

The first step of the work is the general planning, based on client’s requests. It consists in defining the guidelines of client’s event concept, the content to be conveyed, the outcome clients wishes to achieve. Afterwords, a temporary program and a budget will be set up.

Once the project choice is made and the financial aspect has been agreed, we contact sponsor companies, speakers and guests. We manage the event marketing, the printing and spreading of informative documents, event registration. We select the accommodation services, conclude agreement with hotels and restaurants and we plan transport services.

Congresses and courses are always preceded by an accurate venue site inspection, in order to design a tailored event, identify the fittings needed and audio visual requirements, prevent potential logistical inconveniences and to give value to the venue.

Along with the organization of the event that needs to be meticulous supervised, we take care of arranging lunches, dinners and touristic tours during the breaks or at the end of the event itself. We manage relationship with suppliers (translators, hostess and events specialists), the issue of the final account and the publication of the conference proceedings.

Finally, our administration office coordinates the legal requirements, the issue of financial statements, the collection and registration of registration fees, the financing and sponsorship management, accountancy and insurance services. 

Noema has organized events in the following locations: