Dear Colleagues and Friends,

After the first successful edition of the “Bologna Heart Surgery Symposium (BHSS) on Aortic Diseases” hosted in September 2022, we are delighted to announce that a second culturally-inspiring event will be organized in the late summer 2023, focused on Advanced Heart Failure.

This dreadful disease remains a leading cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide, affecting a wide population at all ages. A multi-sectorial approach and an
in-depth analysis by leading global experts will guarantee an update of knowledge and skills covering the entire spectrum of heart failure.

Exciting discussions, pro and cons of new technologies and the latest science on heart failure will provide an unforgettable learning experience and an education leading to improved patient care and better outcomes.

BHSS focus on Advanced Heart Failure will be one and a half day in-person meeting focused on every aspect of heart failure, both acute and chronic, from myocarditis to genetic cardiomyopathies, from pharmacological to antiarrhythmic and surgical therapies, including ECMO, IMPELLA, paracorporeal and intracorporeal VAD, till the total artificial heart and heart transplantation.

The structure of the meeting will include live-in-a-box cases alongside with lectures and videos from masters of the field. Interactions between delegates and faculty is the key feature of BHSS and you are strongly invited to send videos showing your personal experience. The selected videos as well as all relevant
surgical, cardiological, interventional and anesthesiological details will be presented and discussed during the main sessions in a very relaxed and informal

This meeting is designed for Cardiovascular Surgeons, Cardiologists, Radiologists, Anesthesiologists, Residents, Perfusionists and Nurses.

We strongly feel the need to interact directly in person sharing our professional and personal experience but, as usual in this period, online connection will be

Join us for intense exchanges and networking to overcome the advanced heart failure.

Davide Pacini

Davide Pacini
Chief, Cardiac Surgery Unit – IRCCS Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria di Bologna – Italy
Full Professor of the Department of Experimental, Diagnostic and Specialty Medicine – Università di Bologna – Italy

Giorgio Arpesella
Università di Bologna – Italy

Luca Botta
Cardiac Surgery Unit – IRCCS Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria di Bologna – Italy
Antonio Loforte
Cardiac Surgery Unit – IRCCS Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria di Bologna – Italy
Sofia Martin-Suarez
Cardiac Surgery Unit – IRCCS Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria di Bologna – Italy


Cristiano Amarelli, Naples – Italy
Massimo Baiocchi, Bologna – Italy
Elena Biagini, Bologna – Italy
Mauro Biffi, Bologna – Italy
Luca Botta, Bologna – Italy
Giovanni Bracchetti, Bologna – Italy
Massimo Cardillo, Bologna – Italy
Gianni Casella, Bologna – Italy
Andrea Castelli, Bologna – Italy
Elisa Cerchierini, Bologna – Italy
Paolo C. Colombo, New York – USA
Benedetta De Chiara, Milan – Italy
Marisa De Feo, Naples – Italy
Edoardo De Robertis, Perugia – Italy
Luca Di Marco, Bologna – Italy
Giampiero Dolci, Bologna – Italy
Frank D’Ovidio, New York – USA
Giovanni Ferrari, New York – USA
Nazareno Galiè, Bologna – Italy
Andrea Garascia, Milan – Italy
Gaetano D. Gargiulo, Bologna – Italy
Gino Gerosa, Padua – Italy
Francesco Grigioni, Rome – Italy
Gabriele Guardigli, Ferrara – Italy
Finn Gustafsson, Copenhagen – Denmark
Attilio Iacovoni, Bergamo – Italy
Alessandro Leone, Bologna – Italy
Ugolino Livi, Udine – Italy
Antonio Loforte, Turin – Italy
Roberto Lorusso, Maastricht – Netherlands
Massimo Maccherini, Siena – Italy
Francesco Maisano, Milan – Italy
Sofia Martìn-Suàrez, Bologna – Italy
Marco Masetti, Bologna – Italy
Francesco Musumeci, Rome – Italy
Alessandro Nanni Costa, Bologna – Italy
Alessandro Navazio, Reggio Emilia – Italy
Ivan Netuka, Prague – Czech Republic
Francesco Nicolini, Parma – Italy
Fabrizio G. Oliva, Milan – Italy
Francesco Onorati, Verona – Italy
Davide Pacini, Bologna – Italy
Tulio Palmerini, Bologna – Italy
Stefano Pelenghi, Pavia – Italy
Pasquale Perrone Filardi, Naples – Italy
Emanuele Pilato, Naples – Italy
Michele Pilato, Palermo – Italy
Evgenij Potapov, Berlin – Germany
Luciano Potena, Bologna – Italy
Marco Ranucci, Milan – Italy
Mauro Rinaldi, Turin – Italy
Andrea Rubboli, Ravenna – Italy
Antonio Russo, Bologna – Italy
Claudio F. Russo, Milan – Italy
Francesco Saia, Bologna – Italy
Gabriella Sangiorgi, Bologna – Italy
Andrea Santarelli, Rimini – Italy
Francesco Santini, Verona – Italy
Biagio Sassone, Ferrara – Italy
Mara Scandroglio, Milan – Italy
Michele Senni, Bergamo – Italy
Gianfranco Sinagra, Trieste – Italy
Sandro Sponga, Udine – Italy
Hiroo Takayama, New York – USA
Koji Takeda, New York – USA
Giuseppe Tarantini, Padua – Italy
Vincenzo Tarzia, Padua – Italy
Amedeo Terzi, Bergamo – Italy
Gianfranco Tortorici, Bentivoglio (BO) – Italy
Steven Tsui, Cambridge – UK
Stefano Urbinati, Bologna – Italy
Serafina Valente, Siena – Italy
Igor Vendramin, Udine – Italy
Federica Zanzico, Bologna – Italy

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Royal Hotel Carlton
Via Montebello, 8 – 40121 Bologna – Italy
The Hotel is in the center of Bologna, near the railway station and just a short walk from Piazza Maggiore and Two Towers.

The official Symposium language is English.

The certificate of attendance will be sent by e-mail at the end of the Symposium

A technical exhibition will take place throughout the Symposium. For information, please contact the Organizing Secretariat.


  • Physician: € 150.00 + 22% VAT
  • Trainee: € 100.00 + 22% VAT
  • Perfusionist: € 100.00 + 22% VAT
  • Nurse: € 100.00 + 22% VAT

Registration fee includes:
– Access to the Scientific session of the Symposium
– Conference kit
– Certificate of attendance



Set 22 2023 - Set 23 2023

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