Public Relations

Public Relations are deeply connected with the other services offered by Noema. Through it, Noema aims to develop relations; get in touch institutions, companies, people and venues with their clients. Depending on the situation, the goal can be respectively promoting an event, selling products, communicating a company or institution image, gaining consensus to fulfill a target, no matter if it is commercial or charitable.

Noema is a full service agency and it takes care of business communication at 360 degrees from concept to implementation, in different areas:

Media relations

Journalism influences public opinion: Noema’s press office work, the result of constantly evolving studies and researches, are aimed at publishing products and services on the most suitable channels (press, radio, TV and Internet) for client’s target.

Digital PR

What distinguishes Noema in the vast world of PR is the ability to create movement, understood as engagement among people and institutions, and to improve company’s reputation and credibility trough ad-hoc, innovative projects based on the objectives.

Social Media Marketing

Noema helps companies to build an effective social media marketing strategy, by identifying the most suitable social platform and the best content to convey, managing communities and organizing viral and multimedia initiatives.

The added value

It is of fundamental importance to provide the client with all the contacts that have been collected through years of experience, carefully selected and used according to each projects characteristics

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